Recovering a Covenantal Heritage…


“Revivalism began the process of turning people from a thoughtful and theological faith to an experience-oriented belief. Modernism brought new ideas into the churches. Fundamentalism circled the wagons and reduced the faith to a few requisite doctrines. And Dispensationalism swept in to fill the void. In every case, covenantalism was shunted to the side, and Baptists lost their rightful heritage. A beautiful system of faith was exchanged for a novelty.

This book is one small attempt to correct this problem. It consists of three sections, historical, exegetical and theological. It is an attempt to demonstrate that this rich legacy must be recovered and reasserted. Not only were our fathers thoroughly covenantal, we must be too. History, theology, and exegesis are all on the side of covenantalism. For too long, Baptists have followed the false roads of Revivalism, the diminished pathways of Fundamentalism, and the dead-end street of Dispensationalism. The time has come to restore exegetical and theological rigor and vigor to our churches and ministries.”

~ James Renihan 

This important collection of essays is currently sold out at but can be purchased at the link below.



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