Samuel Renihan on Typology…

“A cursory definition of typology as correspondence and escalation may give the impression that typology is simply a shift from one end of a scale to another. It paints types and antitypes as two ends of a spectrum. The type is dark, grey, and as we move up the scale or cross the spectrum, the type becomes colorful and vibrant until it reaches the point of being the antitype. However, that is not the full and true nature of typology as presented by the Scriptures. The Bible contrasts types and antitypes as two different things. Its language is that of shadows and substances, pictures and realities. The escalation of typology is not merely quantitative, but qualitative. Types are pictures of antitypes. Antitypes are other and greater than the types.”

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Christian, Husband, father, veteran, Confessionally Reformed Christian (1689 LBCF), student.

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