A Providential God…

“Many miracles take place in Moses’ story as God works through him to deliver the people. In fact, more miracles are associated with Moses and his lifetime than with any other biblical figure except Jesus. But it is striking that no miracles take place at the beginning of the story. An unbeliever would call these events coincidence, We say providence.

Notice what happened. The providence of God ordered the steps of Pharaoh’s daughter as she came to the Nile to bathe. The providence of God allowed the baby to cry at just the right time. The providence of God moved the heart of the princess to want to save the baby. Finally, the providence of God arranged for the baby to be raised by his own mother, even though the princess did not suspect it. The point, is that God was at work here as much as he was later in Moses’ life. God is at work in the circumstances of your life as well. You may protest that you haven’t seen any miracles in your life. There is no reason why you should. God is the God of providence, not just the God of miracles, and that means that he has been operating in all the details in all the circumstances of your life. Shouldn’t you recognize this if you believe in a providential God? Shouldn’t you thank him for it?”

Published by rruiz1689

Christian, Husband, father, veteran, Confessionally Reformed Christian (1689 LBCF), student.

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