Concerning Regeneration…



Alistair Begg is the pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Here he provides an encouraging perspective on the doctrine of regeneration. 

What is the work of the Spirit of God? 

It is to accomplish what cannot be accomplished in any other way, by any other root. 

The Bible is so clear on this, if you read Ephesians 2 he says, “When you were dead in your trespasses and in your sins you were made alive in Christ.”

How can dead people come to life? It will take a miracle! 

You see, this is the Gospel. The Gospel is not a word of encouragement to those who are sort of well meaning people who would like to add a little religion.

It is not a word of encouragement to those who would like to have a little Jesus in their life. 

No, the word of the Gospel is the word that comes to the rebel heart.

“I am a rebel against God! I may be indifferent to him, I may be antagonistic to him, but I’m actually rebelling against him!”

He then comes by the Bible and says, “I’m commanding you to do an about turn, to repent of your sins, and to believe in me.”

And the individual says, “There is no way that that is going to happen! It will take a miracle for that to happen!” 

Yes it will! 

And that is the miracle of regeneration… 

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