From Paedobaptist to Credobaptist…


A few days ago a brother on Twitter asked a question concerning a Tweet I had recently posted. The Tweet was of a Reformed Baptist pastor exegeting Acts 2:38-39, found here. These verses are one of several places in the New Testament where my paedobaptist brethren claim support the infant baptism tradition.


I responded by giving him exactly what he wanted. This same Reformed Baptist pastor just so happened to record a 3-part series describing his conversion form paedobaptism to credobaptism last year.

Mark Hogan is the pastor of Pilgrim Reformed Baptist Church in Valley City, North Dakota. A graduate of Westminster Seminary, California., pastor Mark entered seminary a lifelong Paedobaptist, only to graduate as a Reformed Baptist. Lucky for us pastor Mark shares this story with pastor Joe Anady of Emmaus Church in Hemet, California.


Pastor Mark Hogan Interview: Episode 1

Pastor Mark Hogan Interview: Episode 2

Pastor Mark Hogan Interview: Episode 3

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