“John Owen, Baptism, and the Baptists”



Dr. Crawford Gribben is a professor of Early Modern Baptist History at Queen’s University Belfast, as well as a visiting professor of church history at the new Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (IRBS) Seminary opening this Fall in Mansfield, Texas.

Dr. Gribben has written an excellent article concerning John Owen and what seems to be a progressive stance concerning his defense of infant baptism, as well as his relationship with the Baptists during his lifetime. I strongly recommend reading this work, as it’s just one of seventeen essays written by scholars in honor of IRBS President and professor of  historical theology Dr. James Renihan. It is obvious to all that John Owen was a practicing paedobaptist during his lifetime. This means that John Owen was in fact, not a Baptist. ✔️ However, the clarity with which he defended infant baptism, his disagreement with those who practiced believers baptism only, and his relationship in his later years with the Baptists are discussed in this essay.

I find it interesting that in a recent poll on Twitter, 73% of the 66 people that voted felt that John Owen had a seat at the Reformed table. While I agree with the majority here, after reading this essay it is my belief that the results of this poll might cause one to raise an eyebrow or two.



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