Pink and “The Divine Covenants”



Pink concerning the election of Abraham…

“There was nothing whatever, then, in the object of the divine choice to commend him unto God, nothing in Abraham that merited His esteem. No, the cause of election is always to be traced to the discriminating will of God; for election itself is ‘of Grace’ (Rom. 11:5) and therefore it depends in no wise upon any worthiness in the object, either present or foreseen. If it did, it would not be ‘of grace.’

That it was not at all a matter of any goodness or fitness in Abraham which moved the Lord to single him out to be the special object of His high favor is further seen from Isaiah 51:1, 2: ‘Look unto the rock whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged. Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you.’

While it be true that God never acts capriciously or at random, nor arbitrarily—that is, without some wise and good reason for what He does—yet the spring of all His actions is His own sovereign pleasure.”


A friend of mine has been reading The Divine Covenants by A.W. Pink. As he often quotes from this book, it reminds me daily of how this book has sat in my library for years being referenced on occasion but never read cover to cover.

The Divine Covenants has been recommended by top scholars as it provides an overview of the various covenants given to us in the scriptures. Listed below is the Table of Contents for the book.

I found this book on Amazon here:

The paperback version is going for $14.99, and you can even purchase it via Kindle (never heard of her) for only $0.99.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. The Everlasting Covenant

Capter 2. The Adamic Covenant 

Chapter 3. The Noahic Covenant

Chapter 4. The Abrahamic Covenant 

Chapter 5. The Sinaitic Covenant 

Chapter 6. The Davidic Covenant 

Chapter 7. The Messianic Covenant 

Chapter 8. The Covenant Allegory 


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