“God’s Foreknowledge Cannot Mean Foreseeing.”



Vos, commenting on Romans 8:28-29 says:

“Now one may wonder whether anything still remains of this beautiful argument and this natural tie, if one is forced to give “foreknowledge” the meaning of “foreseeing.” Then everything becomes unintelligible and artificial. The divine act that stands at the beginning of the entire sequence then becomes something dependent and is no longer fit to be the basis, firm in itself, of the rest. We have a root that must draw its sap from the trunk and branches and at the same time must still also guarantee that trunk and branches will not wither—a contradiction.”

~ Geerhardus Vos (Reformed Dogmatics 1.5)

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Christian, Husband, father, veteran, Confessionally Reformed Christian (1689 LBCF), student.

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