R.Scott Clark, The Reformed Confession(s), and The Time Machine Test…


Dr. Matthew Bingham, who is a pastor and a current professor at Oak Hill College in London, gave a tremendous presentation this morning at the Renewing the Present With Help From the Past Conference that took place in London. The conference is sponsored by the new Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (IRBS) Theological Seminary that’s due to open this Fall in Mansfield, Texas.

Dr. Bingham held nothing back during his lecture, choosing to mention the outspoken (in my opinion) R.Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary, Ca., by name. Dr. Clark is a church history professor who has taken a bulldog approach (in my opinion) towards those who would use the term “Reformed Baptist” to describe themselves.

Professor Bingham calls out some inconsistencies in Dr. Clark’s arguments, including using Dr. Clark’s own argument, which professor Bingham refers to as the “Time Machine Test” against him. Dr. Bingham also brings to light infant baptism and its relation to a national church, and points out how Dr. Clark might also be on the outside looking in when applying his own standards (The Time Machine Test) to himself. It’s an amazing presentation, indeed.

Dr. Bingham with grace and clarity defends the term “Reformed Baptist” providing it’s proper definition today, while showing us what it meant yesterday (17th Century). I encourage you to watch the video below. Dr. Bingham opens up the conference around the 13-minute mark.



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