Dr. Samuel Renihan and the Particular Baptists…



I will be sharing several posts by a fellow Particular Baptist, Dr. Sam Renihan.

Dr. Renihan has recently provided clarity in a place where most often leave clutter and confusion. Many trained minds today approach history by making assumptions rather than providing any actual historical data. Often we see them take a “trust me” approach to history, which allows them to draw straight lines through history when in fact the lines are actually a bit wavy.

Dr. Renihan is attempting to “engage” with this tension, with an approach that allows the historical data to speak for itself and the reader to study the history of these Particular Baptists for themselves.

In other words, Dr. Renihan doesn’t tell us what the history is, he gives it to us. This is is very refreshing indeed…

Here is a link to Dr.  Renihan’s latest blog entry.



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